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The National Golf Coaches Association's most prestigious honor is induction into the NGCA Coaches and Players Hall of Fame. Formed in 1986 with eight Charter Players and five Charter Coaches, the Hall of Fame currently counts 44 coaches and 58 players among its inductees. New Hall of Fame members are inducted each year in December during the NGCA Hall Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony conducted during the NGCA Member Convention.

In 2010, the National Golf Coaches Association Board of Directors approved modifications to the nomination process for both the NGCA Coaches and Players Halls of Fame. The process for each will now incorporate a results based point system that the NGCA Awards Committee will utilize in determining its annual selections. This point system was developed over two years of intense research by the Hall of Fame subcommittee.  Below is further detail for each.

The NGCA DI Coach HOF Nomination Form is a form to be completed by all women's college golf programs that have a current or past coach that they believe is deserving of consideration for the NGCA Coaches Hall of Fame. The spreadsheet is formatted to total points based on the coaches results while they were coaching or to-date for current coaches. To be considered by the NGCA Awards Committee, the first requirement for future Hall of Fame inductees is to receive a minimum of 1,000 points in Category 1.

The NGCA DI Player HOF Nomination Form is a form to be completed by all women's college golf programs that have a past player that they believe is deserving of consideration for the NGCA Players Hall of Fame.  IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE: Non-graduates are now eligible for election into the NGCA Players Hall of Fame. There is no requirement as to the minimum number of years a player must have competed in college golf to be eligible for the Hall of Fame; however, a student-athlete that does graduate receives benefit with additional points.

A player may be nominated if they accumulate more than 900 points on the  spreadsheet and has been out of college five or more years. Players with 950 or more points will be given first consideration. This information will continue to remain on file for in future years, if necessary. 

For players who participated before Regionals were introduced in Division I or II, the spreadsheet should be filled out as completely as possible and submitted to the awards committee for consideration. 

In both cases with respect to the Coaches and Players NGCA Hall of Fame, the point system is a guideline to be used by the selection committee. The committee has final authority as to selection of future inductees.